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Create online course website | Learning Management System

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LMS stands for Learning Management System. If you want to teach your students online then the learning management system is one of the best options for you. Learning Management System (LMS), enabling you to offer classes, take on students, and even earn money.

What is Learning Management System?

LMS is a software application or a web-based technology, enabling management and delivery of content and resources to learners. Typically, a learning management system provides an instructor with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student/ learner participation, and assess performance. A learning management system may also provide students/learners with the ability to use interactive features such as threaded discussions, video conferencing, and discussion forums. Besides, it facilitates administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of programs and events.

Present and Future of LMS

According to a report, the Elearning industry rises with a 9-12% annual growth rate and currently generates more than $50 Billion each year. Because of this reason companies and education institutions deploy their online learning platform. From big educational institutes to small educational institutes are using LMS website to teach or train their students or employees.

We Create LMS website for you

If you are decided to build your LMS website and sell courses online, then feel free to contact us call at 7004901136. We create perfect website for sharing and selling your knowledge online. It’s not just a simple website, but a learning management system that makes learning and teaching online easier for everyone. Below I will describe our LMS website features, this is just a sample demo to understand you to how it works and look like. 

Features of LMS website

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Multiple Design Options
  3.  Courses
  4. Course Subscriptions
  5. Course Certificates
  6. Course Ratings
  7. Course Price
  8. Students List
  9. Student Progress
  10. Related Courses
  11. Courses Statistics
  12. Lessons
  13. Lesson Prerequisites
  14. Sample Lessons
  15. Questions System
  16. Quizzes System
  17. File Attachments
  18. Media Player
  19. Testimonials
  20. Extended User Profiles
  21. Facebook Login
  22. Courses List
  23. Login Form
  24. Register Form
  25. Translation Ready

LMS Design samples

Request for your LMS website

If you have any idea regarding your business feel free to contact us. We give our best to you.

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